New Portfolio User Story

“As a busy hiring manager, I want to see your work as fast as possible so I can decide If I should bring you in for an interview” 

Let’s break this down.

Busy hiring manager:  My research, which included working with two tech-based professionals in charge of hiring, showed me these people move extremely fast. They desire fast page load, easy navigation, and a “quick look” to make an initial impression. I am talking 45 seconds – 2 minutes MAX. My analytics prove this out. There may be some who take a deeper dive, but that’s not the general rule.

See your work as fast as possible: See above, but also note that this includes a resume, social media profile, and some work samples.  In my work with hiring manager friends, I heard the following quotes,

“I want everything I need right there, I don’t have time to dig around”

Should I bring you in?

“Don’t get too cute, I just need if you are generally what we are looking for, I can see more later”  – hiring manager friend

I think I have approached this all wrong. My first portfolio was too full of tricks and slick stuff. I was designed to impress, assuming people would go all the way through as I imagined it.


Fast page load, SIMPLE navigation, a quick look button, easy contact method. Highlight one or two major projects for easy consumption.


Too much scrolling, too much navigating, too many projects.




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