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We Need More Data!

A major issue facing the Operation Code is a lack of user data. We need actionable user data to accomplish multiple key goals. First, target our member research to increase impact and retention. Second, provide analytics and user data to organizations in the pursuit of funding grants.

What data?

After meeting with the team, we came up with a first-pass list of information. We need a military or veteran qualifier. After that, we need employment status, veteran status, schooling info, mentorship details and tech specific interests.

The employment, school, and veteran info are critical for our grant applications and other funding pathways. The interests are critical for targeting our e-mail and other outreach programs. Finally, the mentorship info is necessary for signing up mentors and mentees in our DB.

Data Handling

It’s important to note all of this data is white-listed before use. Just wanted to caveat that.


Our front-end repo is in React. We validate input inline, and info is posted via axios. With the amount of data we want to capture, it would be an extremely long form. Although specific data on drop-off rates between long forms and multi-page forms is hard to come by, we decided a multi-page form was the best implementation.

Why Mutli-Page?

Two major reasons.

  1. I built out two wireframes in Adobe XD and provided them to our current user base. The multi-page form was a clear victor in terms of usability and appeal.
  2. It would provide a deeper and more challenging learning experience for anyone who worked on it, which is a key motivator of our open source work.

More to come …

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