Operation Code New Signup Form, Discovery

We Need More Data!

A major issue facing the Operation Code is a lack of user data. We need actionable user data to accomplish multiple key goals. First, target our member research to increase impact and retention. Second, provide analytics and user data to organizations in the pursuit of funding grants.

What data?

After meeting with the team, we came up with a first-pass list of information. We need a military or veteran qualifier. After that, we need employment status, veteran status, schooling info, mentorship details and tech specific interests.

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New Portfolio Mock-Up

After considering our UX teardown and buildup, I came up with this.


The intent is a clean, simple to navigate site for hiring managers and recruiters. I went from a highly stylized menu in the original to a simple top-nav. I added the resume triangle which follows you everywhere.

I am pairing down a number of projects on here to focus on stronger examples. The portfolio cards themselves are stripped down and rebuilt for style.

After I take some feedback, ill rebuild for the production site.

In my next post, I’ll cover my master list of To-Dos to get the portfolio to production.

Stay tuned y’all.


Portfolio UX teardown

Welcome to part one of the portfolio re-build!

Here I will answer the following U.X questions:

Who is the key user? This isn’t always clear, especially in marketplace sites, so take your best guess.

What is that user’s number one critical goal when using the site? Be as specific as possible if there are multiple options here, e.g. “to purchase a red wagon” instead of “buy a toy”.

What is likely to make that user’s experience particularly positive (i.e. provide good satisfaction)?

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(Pseu-Me) Wake-Up

 * How I get up in the morning

class wakeUp {
   boolean sleeping = true;
   float alarmTime = 5.50;
   boolean alarm = false; 
   float OHGAWDITSLATE = 6.30;
   float currentTime;

   void awareness(time) {
     this.currentTime = time;
     if (dog barks) {
        if (dog needs walk) {
     else if (sound > ambientSound) {

     else if (currentTime == alarmTme) {
       alarm = true;

   void wakeUp(currentTime) {
      sleeping = false;

      if (currentTime < OHGAWDITSLATE) {
        alarmTime + 15; 
        sleeping = true;

      else {


public static void main(String [] args) {

   every second that passes {

     float time = LocalDateTime.now();



Hello and welcome to my Dev blog!

I plan to fill this space in the coming months with everything development related. I will post about current projects I am working on and things that interest me in the tech world.

I will also be converting my “pseu-me” notes into blog posts. What are “pseu-me” notes? I write pseudo-code for everyday activities. You can judge me, it’s cool.

I welcome critique, feedback and collaboration from all. Hope to see you around.

Evan Cooper