New Portfolio Mock-Up

After considering our UX teardown and buildup, I came up with this.

The intent is a clean, simple to navigate site for hiring managers and recruiters. I went from a highly stylized menu in the original to a simple top-nav. I added the resume triangle which follows you everywhere.

I am pairing down a number of projects on here to focus on stronger examples. The portfolio cards themselves are stripped down and rebuilt for style.

After I take some feedback, ill rebuild for the production site.

In my next post, I’ll cover my master list of To-Dos to get the portfolio to production.

Stay tuned y’all.



Hello and welcome to my Dev blog!

I plan to fill this space in the coming months with everything development related. I will post about current projects I am working on and things that interest me in the tech world.

I will also be converting my “pseu-me” notes into blog posts. What are “pseu-me” notes? I write pseudo-code for everyday activities. You can judge me, it’s cool.

I welcome critique, feedback and collaboration from all. Hope to see you around.

Evan Cooper